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Code 3:  Leadership Coaching & mental Fitness Training

What, Why, How

You know WHAT good leadership looks like. 

You know WHY good leadership is important. 

Code 3 knows HOW to make you a great leader
 achieve more happiness 
and satisfaction in life and relationships.

Mental Fitness

A firefighter must be in good shape to handle the physical demands of the job. To do this requires regular muscle and stamina building exercises. Unfortunately, most of us rarely exercise our most important muscle: the brain.

Rabbi Howard A Cohen, Dept. Chief (ret.), CCISM
I am a Co-Active and Positive Intelligence Coach

Effective Leadership Requires Skills

To be an effective leader requires a set of skills for which few people thrust into leadership roles receive training. Most of what is presented as leadership training is just a laundry list of the qualities and characteristics that we expect leaders to possess. What's almost always missing is HOW to develop the SKILLS to be an effective leader.

Factor Analysis

Factor analysis takes a large body of data
• Simplifies
•Find Patterns
• Groups them into Factors
•Identifies Uniqueness

Example: red, blue and green are color factors
that combine to form 100's of other colors

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is not just for firefighters.  Artists, athletes,  business executives, clergy,  doctors, nurses, school teachers, students, writers, EVERYONE, experiences greater calmness, focus, curiosity, and happiness by improving their mental fitness.

 Factor Analysis Research REsults

There are only 3 core muscles of mental fitness:
• Saboteur Interceptor
• Self-Command
• Sage

The ten saboteurs are sabotaging
your happiness. Your five sage powers are all it takes to manage them.

I will teach you how to build the mental skills needed to perform at your best every day and become a more effective leader and problem solver.

 I will teach you how to use your Sage powers to turn your Saboteurs into powerful allies and achieve more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

I will teach you how to identify and intercept your saboteurs and find the gift and opportunity in ANY situation.

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